Spatial App Builder, Software Designer, and Founder.

I’m Monish Kumar, a spatial app builder and entrepreneur based in Edmonton, Canada. I build magical spatial apps for architecture firms to take their design & collaboration to the next dimension.

Designing Airbnb for Apple Vision Pro

Designing for visionOS feels visually different, yet functionally similar. As a designer or builder, you will feel familiar and yet be fascinated by the possibilities. This makes designing for visionOS exciting.

HSB: The Secret to Mastering Color Manipulation in Design

HSB is an intuitive way of manipulating colors in design. It mimics how humans perceive colors by splitting a color into into three dimensions.

Lessons learnt from building Newslettrs

Build for a specific audience. Involve users early. Keep the scope small & ship often. Be great at what makes your product different.

Microinteractions: Little Details, Big Difference

Microinteractions make a huge difference in how you perceive an app. Little details that make a big difference. Read to find out how to use subtle interactions to make the user experience better.