profile picture

I help build delightful products.

What I do

  • · Design simple & easy user-flows and user-interfaces by
  • · Understanding user goals & behavior
  • · Understanding product goals & direction
  • · Talking to users to get feedback
  • · Iterating based on the feedback

What I have done

  • · Designed a simple SaaS app for managing incidents at NBA & FIFA stadiums. A stadium manager called it “silly simple”. It replaced a complex legacy system that took a ton of clicks with just 3 clicks and saved a lot of time for the admin.
  • · Redesigned a social consumer app to improve user retention by 180% by focusing on the core features.
  • · 10 years of designing by interacting with the users
  • · Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction

What I want to do

  • · Apply my skills to help build delightful products.