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It's Time to Savvyup

Jul 23, 20211 mins read

I am leveling up my skills after understanding a simple formula that you hear everywhere. It is annoyingly simple. I'll give you an outline so you can start upping your skills.

Why Shaan's Power Writing Course is my best investment of 2021

Jul 12, 20211 mins read

I invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum before they blew up this year but this course is my best investment yet. If you are anyone who uses written form of communication, this course has something in it for you.

Solving the Subscription Problem

Jun 1, 20211 mins read

Cloud software pricing has one significant problem for the user. The moment they stop paying, they lose access to the software.

Why & How to Build Your Own Blog

May 20, 20213 mins read

Why should you consider building your own blog when there are many good blogging solutions web - WordPress, Ghost, Medium, etc?

What is Blockchain & Why is it exciting

May 7, 20214 mins read

Blockchain is a chain of blocks containing information. What makes it exciting? Trust. Being distributed & immutable, blockchains maintain truth without a central authority

How to Choose Authentication System for your App

Oct 16, 20202 mins read

Choosing an authentication system for your app is like choosing a door for your house. While it stands out for a moment, people will immediately forget it if the experience is good. Yet, if the experience is bad, people will remember.

Product Decisions that worked for WhatsApp

Jul 20, 20202 mins read

Whatsapp's success is no accident. Their relentless focus on core product features, right strategy and other factors ensured that billions of people use WhatsApp on a regular basis.

Lessons learnt from building Newslettrs

Jul 2, 20203 mins read

Build for a specific audience. Involve users early. Keep the scope small & ship often. Be great at what makes your product different.

Amazon's Order Emails Detailed

Jun 9, 20201 mins read

Amazon's order emails used to be useful. Now, they just show the order number and nothing about what's in the order. Why is that?

Make TV Apps Usable

Jun 5, 20201 mins read

TV Apps can be better and they ought to be. They aren't optimized for the big screen and watching experience. I assume less than 10% time on TV is spent on the interface but that contributes significantly to the overall experience. Simple considerations can go a long way.

The Problem With Note-Taking Apps

May 29, 20201 mins read

Note taking apps solve one problem but introduce another. They solve the taking notes part but create the problem of 1000 notes not being used. Its like the Pocket of your thoughts and ideas. You want to get back to them, but you don't.

Philosophy of a Good Product

May 15, 20201 mins read

Good products are everywhere and we use a lot of these in our daily life. A good product can be physical or digital. They are useful, intentional, iterative and focused.

Start Building an Audience

May 14, 20202 mins read

It's time to build. It's also time to build an audience. Even if just 0.001% of the people on the Internet are interested in your content, it means you have an audience of 4000000 and that is quite something.

How I Made Twitter Feed Useful for Me

May 13, 20201 mins read

Everyone uses Twitter for their own reasons. I used it for entertainment. Now, I have made it useful. Twitter is a great place to find people who inspire you. You can learn a lot, if you follow the right people. Who you follow on Twitter makes or breaks your experience. Follow wisely.


May 12, 20201 mins read

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your attention. My name is Monish Kumar and I work as a Product Designer. I am a builder who wants to be a better builder by building.